Temporary wireless solutions

Rent WIFI for your Event

Your Event

  • Trade fair
  • Congress
  • Major sports event
  • Concert
  • Show
  • Festival
  • Company event

Our services

  • Distribution of local and non-local content
    such as videos, Streams, Downloads, APP`s
  • WiFi Hot Spot
  • Localization of clients
  • Guest authentication
  • Landing Page


Rent your individual WLAN. Fixed Fee per show day and concurrent user for easy budgeting for your event.

Our Services:

  • Project Management (coordinating interfaces)
  • Individual conceptual design for your network
  • WiFi infrastructure
  • Illumination and planning needs around
  • Rent the necessary wireless equipment
  • Onsite Support (stand-by support by system specialists during the event)
  • Construction and deconstruction by wirelessXstream-crew



You are planning a major sporting event, a concert or a big show and are looking for a fast, stable and wireless audio and video transmission?
We ensure that the data from your event is directly transmitted and without loss to a central server. In every magnitude and capacity. We stream your audio and video data seamlessly even under extreme conditions. Our systems offer for both license free Wi-Fi systems without roaming losses, as well as licensed WiMAX systems with large coverages.

Internet connection

Through live streaming on the internet, you can show your event to the whole world.


You are planning a fair, a major event or congress and need a stable and scalable WLAN for your visitors? Whether football stadium, live concert, exhibition or congress, with wirelessXstream your visitors can quickly
access all available data on the net easily and mobile. All from 50 up to 5.000 mobile devices.

Data transfer

The production data is streamed through our network to a central server and can be distributed from there. This is the interface between production and distribution. And this has a lot to offer:

  • Internet connection for live streaming
  • Internet connection for mobile devices – scalable from 50 to 5.000 mobile devices
  • HotSpot with landing page and wallet garden
  • Guest authentication
  • Integration of application servers
  • Client localization


wirelessXstream in action

With wireless video transmissions wirelessXstream connects cameras for support vessels, onboard units on the racing boats, a video drone and an area shoot camera for sailing events. This is how the spectators on the shore and on the internet were able to follow the race live and in real time, up close and with emotional covarage via video screen and with mobile devices as a live stream. Equipped with extremely small and partially rechargeable batteries, the FullHD cameras enable us to stream video signals at very high speeds, over very large distances and across water during these sporting events.

wirelessXstream in action

At medical conferences in Berlin and Frankfurt, wirelessXstream successfully realized a temporary WLAN infrastructure called the WiFi Event Service for connecting 300 iPads to a local server. The connection was used to upload content from presentations and for live voting. Different systems are used depending on the local surroundings that are adapted to meet your requirements exactly. Even systems for 5,000+ concurrent users can be made available without any problems. If desired, service can be provided locally to provide assistance during the event.

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